The History

Retro+Fit Design is a residential design firm created by Jason Weil in 2005. Since 2005, Retro+Fit Design has designed dozens of custom homes including eight in the prestigious development, The Ramble, on the former grounds of the Biltmore Estate. Retro+Fit Design has also designed many additions and renovations in the Asheville area.

Jason weil has a bachelor’s of architecture degree in 1986 from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. After graduation, Jason went to work designing architecture for Universal studios in Los Angeles, CA. After working on several buildings on the Universal lot and designs for Universal Studios Florida, Jason gained admittance to the set designers union. Jason spent the next 18 years as a set designer, art director, and production designer designing sets for motion pictures and television, including such notable films as “Minority Report”, “Planet of The Apes”, And “The Fisher King”

Jason worked on several award winning films and television programs and was nominated for an Emmy. He won an award from his peer group, The Art Director’s Guild for outstanding art direction for a T.V. Movie or mini-series.

In 2005 Jason Weil left Los Angeles and the film industry behind and moved his family to the beautiful mountain community of Asheville, NC. He decided it was time to get back to his roots in the field of architecture. Jason started Retro+Fit Design with the philosophy of providing excellent quality design at a reasonable price.

Jason uses his many years of film business work as a foundation for the company. He gained an extensive knowledge of architectural history in researching for film sets. He learned how to work very quickly under tough time and budget constraints and how to make appropriate design cuts where budgets required them. These invaluable experiences are utilized daily at Retro+Fit Design, where we can make the design process of your home much less of a process.

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